General Trade

Key facts:

  • 100.000 traditional shops (Provision Stores, Ma & Pa, Wet Markets, Specialty Stores)
  • 72% of the whole FMCG market in Vietnam
  • Average shopper visits traditional store 112 times/year with basket size of 4 items

Traditional trade continues to be king in Vietnam with shoppers still preferring proximity. Vietnamese shoppers like to go to their local stores because they have a good relationship with the owners, it is easy for them to walk round, or stop by with their motorbikes. Vietnam remains a motorbike country where 96% of the households own at least one motorbike. The trip size is limited as the capacity for transporting goods is low compared, for example, to the trunk of a car. Serving the traditional channel is very labour consuming and logistically expensive. One salesman can cover around 100-200 stores (depends on the visit frequency and duration) per week. On average one deliveryman can serve 2 salesmen.

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