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Natural Laundry Liquid 6+ M Babies

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Natural Laundry Liquid With Softener – 6 + Month Baby

6+ month babies can sit, can crawl and actually make a big mess! Their clothes are always dirty which is not too surprising, especially during the feeding time, when baby food can appear in places you can’t even imagine! Knowing that we have created a product specifically formulated for washing new born babies clothes.

With cleansing power from natural soap nuts and coconut derived cleansing agents Dr.Spock Organics Natural Laundry Liquid for 6+ Month Baby can effectively wash stains from milk, baby food, soil, feces…and be so gentle at the same time! Because that’s nature! The product has a moderate amount of foam, cleans gently, without leaving any harmful residue. Our products have been dermatologically tested and certified non-allergenic.

When washing there is no slippery feeling on hand. Product makes fabric soft and comfortable to wear. Softener included in the liquid saves you time and money, you don’t need to buy fabric softener separately. Dr.Spock Organics is delicately fragranced, keeps clothes fresh long after washing. It is neutral pH, hence safe for mothers’ hand.

The product is sold under 2 sizes: 800ml and 2L. Produced in Malaysia.

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